maandag 16 augustus 2010

Our daddy is the toughest


Boas, Fera and I went to the Reveilweek, a NEM conference.

Boas and Fera had their own groups. And I led another children's group together with a friend. We all enjoyed it. I found the groups very special. The attention and care for the children and the seriousness with which God's word and love was spread, even to the younger ones. The kids loved is as well, although I notice that Fera is more a 'group person' than  Boas (yet) is. However, I'm confident that Boas will develop in this area as soon as he feels safe enough. I don't think pushing will work eventually, so I try to just encourage him.

What I noticed in my own group was the difference between the children (especially the boys!!) ín the group and outside the group. Ín the group there was much showing up and little mischiefs. But outside the group they called us on the campside: Hello, miss!! Look what I've got! Would you like to play a game with me... So different!!

Below an impression.

Welcome, baby

Boas designs a birth announcement. Notice the details :-)

Coup de chick

Someone thought this was another homeschooling project, just like the frogs and the caterpillars. I think homeschooling is just a way of life. I very much enjoy this practical, natural learning. I'm amazed to see Boas overcome his fear for animals. And I enjoy with Fera who shouts: Mummy, I have an egg!