maandag 27 september 2010

Manic Monday

Again another co-op impression.

While the oldest children enjoyed their board games, the younger ones we entertained with music, movements and circle games.

In the afternoon we had planned to do some nature study in the forest, but due to the weather plans changed and we did some philosophy with kids. Very interesting!

Thank you, everyone, for your contribution!!

Some other things we did

Getting curious...

... what's inside!


Dear grandma and grandpa,

I know what I would like to get for my next birthday. Or a bit earlier, if not inconvenient.

Love, Boas

(thanks to them)

New room

Boas and Fera's new room is almost finished!

After some real artwork, it's time to take some rest and enjoy!

Our first co-op

13 September we had our first co-op. We were together with 10 adults and over 20 children and we had a great time.

We started the day with a little programme, including some music, movements, a story and play time.

In the afternoon we as parents talked about our expectations and needs and we created a sort of basic structure for a co-op day. A lot of great ideas were shared! Dance, music, drama, craft, nature, self defense, philosophy with kids ...

I think we're all looking forward to the next time! What a privilege to be together with other christian homeschoolers and to enjoy each other's company!

Funny Friday

A couple of Fridays ago, we visited this home educating attachment parenting family. After a delicious lunch, we enjoyed one of their almost private playgrounds (at least when all the other kids are at school :-)).
And we also did some craft. We decorated a candle and moulded with bread dough. Maybe she
can provide a picture of that.

The end result looks like this!