maandag 15 februari 2010

Men @ work

Who can resist salad if it's made by Boas and dad? Not even Boas himself could refuse to eat it, although it looked fairly green.

Delicious, Boas! Thank you!

Girls' time

Suddenly I realised, this is my only Thursday morning with Boas at playschool and Fera at home! From next week on it's Fera's turn ..

Time for a Girls' Morning Out. And we loved it!

Need I say more?


Play is not often given the respect that it deserves. For many people it conjures up an idea of wasting time and not being involved in constructive activity.
In reality, play is the means by which children learn. When children are playing they engage all their faculties in what they are doing and it is in this way that they discover things about themselves and the world around them.
This is obvious for very young children - one can actually see their skills and understanding develop as they play with objects that fall within their grasp.
The significance of play as a means of learning is, however, undervalued for older children. Adults sometimes consider play to be frivolous and try to direct children towards more 'educational' activities. This is a mistake. Nothing is more educational than playing and, rather than obstructing is, parents should constantly be looking for ways to give their children more opportunities to play.

By Gareth Lewis in "One-to-One, a practical guide to learning at home age 0-11."


Together with about 5 other homeschooling families we rent a gymnasium once in two weeks. There we can play and sport and watch and learn and meet and greet. This first time it was a big success, according to us!

vrijdag 5 februari 2010

breathing in

Boas and mum sit on the couch together. They chat together about this, that and the other. Suddenly Boas asks: Mummy, what means 'breathing'? So I explained to him that you inhale fresh air through your mouth or nose to keep your body alive, to stay healthy.

Interesting question, which I already expected because we have read some books about whales and dolphins, who are mammals, because they have lungs through which they breathe.

Another example of learning at home. It's almost like breathing, a natural surviving tool.

Reading aloud

Because of the Nationale Voorleesdagen (Reading Aloud-days) our library offers some extra activities for kids.  Boas and I go there every Wednesday to be read to from one of the top ten picture books and to do some craft.

Guido van Genechten's 'Wiebelbillenboogie' has been elected 'Prentenboek van het jaar 2010' (Picturebook of the year 2010).

The kids loved this book. So we bought it and we also went to a theatre- and puppet's show about it and attended a toddler's zumba lesson at the library.

And... time for the billenboogie GO!!!



I find it interesting to see that Boas and Fera always need some time to feel safe and free in an 'unknown' place or situation. 'Unknown', because Boas visits the library quite often :-). In a familiar situation it's quite the opposite! So we keep encouraging ánd calming down.