vrijdag 28 mei 2010

Our lovely garden

We are blessed with a wonderful garden. Lots of space and lots of green. The children love to play there and invent the most creative games and toys.

What about a twin-bike?

Or racing in a wheelbarrow?

But what's a garden without a vegetable area? We also discovered www.makkelijkemoestuin.nl, about square foot gardening, which promises to be easy and to ask only little work. So Jos built our own vegetable garden.

We've sown chicory, courgette, herbs, tomato, red pepper, radish, beans and some other vegetables. Right now we are waiting for the first crops!

woensdag 26 mei 2010

two tough spinosaurs

Boas did something amazing. He dug up a dinosaur!! And actually it's a spinosaur.

I bought this kit at Xenos'. It consists of a piece of plaster with little 'bones' in it. With the two supplied tools you dig out the bones. After that you can glue the pieces together and you have your own dinosaur skeleton. (It's very, very dusty though, so next time we will go outside ;-) )

Some things we do


Boas cycles!! He really cycles!! :-D

With pedals and without training wheels! For a Dutch boy something to be very, very proud of. And for his parents as well.

Anniversary at the beach

9 May we celebrated our anniversary. Already 7 years married :-) We went to Zandvoort for the weekend and enjoyed the beach and the quiet time.

The kids also had a great time. They still talk about 'that little house where mom and dad "were married" '. We went to the swimmingpool, to the pet zoo, and of course to the beach.

We found a lot of shells, which resulted in a lot of creativity back home.


Last week we went to Speelheuvel (playhill) in Houten. We met a new couple of other home-educating families from our region, which was great! And we enjoyed this playground and the pet zoo. Of course the sun did a big deal as well, but it really was a great place to be! And the price is only 1 euro!! To be continued.

maandag 10 mei 2010

Another project

week 8

week 10

Sometimes it just doesn't matter if something is the third time already. Being pregnant is one of those examples of wonders that only increase by knowing it. A bit ...

I'm so fond of my two oldest children and we so much enjoy them, every single day! It's a great pleasure, a privilege and a true blessing from God that he entrusts us another one!

My prayer remains that we will be parents in God's will, after his own example of father- and motherhood.

our tadpole project

Daddy found some frog's eggs in a ditch. And also a big green frog. But he decided to release the frog before entering the house, luckily...
just hundreds of frog's eggs

After only three days we discovered some minor changes in the little black spots. And a couple of days later there were tadpoles. Hundreds of tadpoles, so daddy decided to bring a few back to the ditch and to share a few with some other nature interested friends.  

the making of 'mice stairs'
While waiting, we decided to find some information about a frog's life. We did some craft and also made a lapbook, in which we put a lot of this info. (http://www.homeschoolhelperonline.com/lapbooks/printables/frog_lapbook_templates.pdf)  Boas learned a lot of new vocabulary, like hibernate, enemy, camouflage, web, amphibian, etc. We also discovered what a frog likes to eat and who/what his enemies are. And did you know that there are many different types of frogs?

 We knew the theory of how a tadpole becomes a frog, but we had to wait a little longer to see it happen. But all of a sudden ...

We kept four little froggies. After one got lost (still haven't found it), we put a lid on the aquarium. There were three left. One died, not sure because of what, but not impossible with a little help of one of the same kind, because they seem to be a little cannibalistic. Then there were only two, who lived happily together for one week. Then one decided to escape through a little hole in the lid. Mummy (!) brought it back to the aquarium after she saw something hopping in the windowsill. And then we decided it became time to release them to nature again.

Wow! This practical learning is amazing. And so natural. I love it!


We discovered playmais and it's lovely. No mess, lots of fun!Playmais is made from corn and water and dyed with natural and food colours.

 (I bought this big box at Kruidvat for only 7 euro's.)

our first creation

fun for everyone


8 April was a big day!

Uncle Bram and aunt Angela got married. They had a wonderful party and we all had a great day!

Who  do you think was the prettiest/most handsome?

zaterdag 1 mei 2010

P is from pizza!

Sail Kampen

Sail Kampen started off with the real life experience of creating your own boat. And loading it.

But of course we also did something more.


We went to the poultry museum in the hope of seeing chickies. But we encountered an Easter egg hunt ... and found the golden egg!

Nocturnal animals

Recently we have visited an exhibition about nocturnal animals in Woerden. It was an exhibition full of little buttons and lights and holes and games. We went there together with another homeschooling family, which we met for the first time. We loved it!

It's all about ...

... curiosity