vrijdag 18 februari 2011

who learns young...

Yeah!! Spring is in the air


December brought us some nice new games. Or actually, grandma/pa did! Thank you!
Jenga MAX

Jona update

Our baby boy is doing well. As you can see he grows very fast and he's simply adorable :-) We all love him!
3,5 months old


I wouldn't call them siblings without rivalry, but I'm so happy to see and say they're getting along better each day! They often play together, they frolic and wanton, they make jokes and talk and hug. And Jona is involved more and more. So lovely!

zaterdag 5 februari 2011

vrijdag 4 februari 2011


We were lucky to get free tickets for Artis, Holland's oldest zoo, in the city of Amsterdam.

Me and my Didymos

He actually seems to like it a lot! And so do I. Another example of combining business with pleasure ;-) (Now is the time to quit spitting, Jona!)

dinsdag 1 februari 2011

Bob and Wendy

We discovered a great outing for tough boys and girls: the roadworks' museum  in Harderwijk.

And the cherry on the pie.....


We met a lot of  home educating families at Kidzcity in Utrecht. That was fun!! The kids had a great time and the moms lots of opportunities to meet&greet.

@ home

Some of the things we did at home lastly:

discovering the flute

Eating digits

December is such a good month to practise your digits. And if you get two Advent Calendars, like these two lucky birds, the counting can continue in January...

Most of the time we  do maths with ordinary things. Without even noticing it. Counting, subtracting, adding, dividing, it all happens naturally. Playing games with dice, making price tags, doing math puzzles, working with 'things' that have digits on it, like the clock.

Sometimes we use the Math Enhanced Programme, which is free avaible online . http://www.cimt.plymouth.ac.uk/projects/mepres/primary/default.htm

We use Reception. For Boas this is quite simple yet, because it's basic preparatory maths, but it's nice to pick out the interesting parts and do them together. It contains a lot of playful, hands-on learning, which I like. And they promise it to be a good preparation for 'tha real stuff'.

fossils and skeletons

We discovered something new: working with plaster. And that was fun! Boas wants to become a researcher (paleontologist ;-) ) when he will be a man, so this was a good practice.



We made another lapbook. We still remain in the animal series, but that's very okay for now.


We have some wonderful friends in Kampen and this time we visited the Museum of Kampen. Not very entertaining for kids, but our children liked it anyway, because they like anything that calls itself a museum ;-).

New Year's Eve

It's a full month ago, but we had a wonderful New Year's Eve with family. We exchanged presents and some of us lit fireworks. (Of course still not me ;-) ) And some of us developed an excellent economic sense and collected the fireworks mess afterwards... for the wage of 1 euro. (Our town pays 1 euro per garbage bag ;-) )

Why not close with: ABBA's 'Happy New Year'                                  
(Way before my time, but touching anyway ;-) )