maandag 29 november 2010


CreaBration: a mixture of creativity and celebration!  Our church gave it a try, and it was awesome. Marvelous to see how creativity and celebration go together and enforce each other. Even the kids took part in it.

Crafty co-op

Last co-op we practised the christmas musical, did some craft and enjoyed a real puppet show! Especially the last one was very exciting!


Boas wanted to sell some dino's (of course, not for real ;-) ). He wrote some price tags with numbers between 1 and 10. Then he designed some money with numbers 1, 2 or 3 on it. And so we practised math.  And writing of course.

Mix and Match

We are family. And since we have Jona, we found out what our missing link was.

Watch and see, the cuties :-)

Those two are definitely brothers!

We are family
I got all my (brothers and) sisters with me
We are family
Get up ev'rybody and sing

Ev'ryone can see we're together
As we walk on by
(FLY!) and we fly just like birds of a feather
I won't tell no lie
(ALL!) all of the people around us they say
Can they be that close
Just let me state for the record
We're giving love in a family dose

We've just begun
To get our share of the world's delights
(HIGH!) high hopes we have for the future
And our goal's in sight
(WE!) no we don't get depressed
Here's what we call our golden rule
Have faith in you and the things you do
You won't go wrong
This is our family Jewel

zondag 28 november 2010


Royal adventure

We experienced a real royal adventure! After dressing up like the prince and the princess, we went for a walk. The prince wanted to get some left over corn, and ventured on a field. But... it was quite muddy and the poor dear got stuck! Luckily we got help from some passers by! (and didn't find any corn)


LOCO is a Dutch abbreviation: Leren Oefenen Controleren Ordenen (to Learn, to Practise, to Check, to Arrange).  It's a nice way to practise all different kind of subjects. We found a couple of the older LOCO games. They still exist, in various modern varieties, but the 'real' LOCO dates from the seventies! That deserves a nomination on this website, which aims to make reminders of the sixties, seventies and eighties recognizable and audible again: Jeugdsentimenten  (Youth sentiments). (It's a pity that the online LOCO they refer to isn't available anymore.. )

Talking about 'youth sentiment': Do you still remember this yellow suitcase we got at school when the 'kleuterschool' passed away and the 'basisschool' was born? 


One of our last co-ops, we did a very practical nature study about water.

All the kids seemed to like it, so we decided to have a practical follow up and went to Arnhem's Watermuseum. Although much was still too complicated for our 3 and 4 years olds, they had much fun and enjoyed another nice outing, together with 'aunt Lenny', my dear sister!

For some online water fun, you can visit their website. But if you have a museum card, you can visit them for real for free.

dinsdag 23 november 2010

The baby is the lesson

Our littlest little one is so cute. He's growing so fast and becomes still sweeter every day. We are getting used to our life together with Jona. My energy is sort of back (those nights..) and life has become sort of 'normal' again. That feels good. At home we do our daily things and also going out with three kids is no problem. Today I went shopping with my 3 kids! We went to several shops and bought 2 nice pairs of shoes. Man, am I proud of my sweeties! They are doing so well together. Although sometimes it can be hard to accept that the baby needs a lot of attention from mum, they do fine!! Boas and Fera are very fond of their little brother. And I feel blessed! So blessed with such a dear husband and three lovely children.

And the times that I feel that I don't do enough (quite often.. but it's such a lie!), I read this article: The baby ís the lesson.   Encouraging!


Neither Boas nor Fera seemed to be interested, but suddenly they were: puzzled!

Puppet show

Find a simple banana box and create your own game: the puppet show. The play was called 'hello, what's your name and how old are you?'. It was performed and repeated by all kinds of characters and the audience was excited, time after time after time!

Fans of the forest

Autumn is a beautiful season to enjoy the forest. We went several times in the past few weeks.

We visited wild park 'Het Aardhuis' .

a visit to 'Wildpark het Aardhuis'
We also did a Staatsbosbeheer tour game for young kids, called 'Dierenvriendjespad' (walk for friends of animals). We followed the gnomes and answered questions about nature.  This walk is available at different visitors' centres of Staatsbosbeheer, so have a look at their website if you're interested. They also offer other activities, like sifting pellets (braakballen uitpluizen;-)) .

And near our place there is the 'forest of little hills'. Of course great for sledging, but also nice for plain walking. With the Bugaboo, the balance bike and the sling, you can find us anywhere.

zaterdag 13 november 2010

Picture blog

While they enjoyed the first weeks of their new baby brother, Boas and Fera did not stop learning. Of course not. Most learning occurs simply when living your life. Need some proof?


Fera's birthday

It was our little princess' third birthday. Surrounded by family and friends, she enjoyed lots of presents and cake. And so did we!

Thanks to everyone who joined us!

It's a boy!

On October 15 our son Jona was born. His full name is Johannes Christiaan, like his father Jos, his grandfather Hans, his greatgrandfather, etc.

Jona means 'God is conciliatory'. For those of you who know the book Jonah from the Bible, the story of Jonah is all about God who wants to reconcile humans with Himself. Like Jonah said in chapter 4 verse 2: for I knew that you are a gracious God, and merciful, slow to anger, and abundant in loving kindness, and you repent of the evil. 

And He proved Himself to be faithful. Our Jona's birth was a wonderful experience. Jona was born in water, at home, surrounded by his family.

Jona - God is conciliatory