donderdag 24 juni 2010

Some say he is shy...

But in reality, he could be the new Michael Jackson ;-)

stage 3

From eggs to caterpillars to cocoons!

Hard to see on the picture, but alas, they develop! (and I'm so glad that cocoons don't poop!)

woensdag 23 juni 2010

Our secret garden

Square foot gardening/vierkante meter tuin is really fun. No hard work, and your own vegetables. See also (in Dutch).


Since Boas is interested in letters and reading, I proposed to make an alphabet book together. I write, he cuts.

And it's nice to see that he wanted to practise making words after we finished.

Bringing up kids

A while ago I bought these two books:


I found this very useful books, with a lot of information in it. Basically, it's about communicating with your children in a way that encourages them to become obedient, responsible, cooperating and kind to siblings.

To help me remind the different areas to pay attention to, I copied the reminders of the book and hung them in a place I often visit.

Little farmer boy

Thank you, Micah! This is wonderful!

Colouring, drawing and writing

Boas doesn't stop colouring, drawing and writing now. It's interesting to see how he progresses. A few weeks ago it wasn't much more than scratches, and now suddenly there appears a difference between colouring, drawing and writing. Jos quite often challenges the children by just drawing pictures on the whiteboard. And it seems this inspires them so much that they start drawing themselves! Also Fera, who wants to be a big girl.

Did you notice we bought dad a real GARDENA lawn mower? And did you notice who are 'we'? Mama, Boas, Papa, Fera. And of course you noticed the beautiful colouring of a dinosaur, with little flies drawn next to it.

And did I tell you that we are so happy with a dad like Jos? Sometimes his irregular workshifts are a pain, but it is such a blessing that he can be with us throughout the day so much. These kids have a dad that spends time with them, and this mom is so grateful for that!! (And yes, he is a wonderful husband too, but after all 20 June was Father's Day and not our anniversary ;-) )

The fairy and the dog

We got this box with dress up clothes from my mother-in-law. Some of them were even worn by Jos!

Thank you so much. We're having lots of fun with it!

To become brown

While playing with mud, Boas decided he would try to become 'a brown person'. And he succeeded quite well. Don't you think?

Our lovely garden 2

We are so grateful for our beautiful garden! And so are the kids. And they jump on the trampoline like siblings without rivalry :-)

vrijdag 4 juni 2010

Now I know that I know it's true:

The very hungry caterpillar

Wow, again we're impressed. All they do is eating and pooping, and that's just what they need to grow and GROW!!

Another home-educating mom sent us some butterfly's eggs. Thank you! They're much fun :-)


With Heidi's family we had a nice family day.


A lapbook is a creative project book about a specific subject that fits in the child's lap. You gather information, you find pictures, you decorate and voilà:


Here are some websites where you can find lapbook ideas or more information.

Another day at the pet zoo

Family B. was also there and we enjoyed another lovely day!

Intrinsic motivation

No-one told him to do so, but out of the blue Boas started trying to write his own name. And other familiar letters: P from papa, M from mama, F from Fera.

He writes on decorated papers, in my agenda (although I always thought he already wás on my agenda ... ;-) ), on the whiteboard and on the pavement with chalk.