zaterdag 17 juli 2010


Fera stayed at oma and opa V. a couple of days, and we asked Boas what he would like to do together with us.
'To a museum with dinosaurs!!!'

So we grabbed our museumcards and went off to Zwolle to Ecodrome.

A big hit!

All this dino stuff brings us very close to the theory of evolution; in Ecodrome a whole room dedicated to Darwin's theory. To be able to tell Boas the real stories, I need to do some research. I was taught the 'biblical version' of creation and not the theory of evolution, so I'm not blank, but some extra proofs are welcome. So I started off with watching this Kent Hovind video:

(only part 1, the other parts are available on You Tube)

More about Kent Hovind's studies on

Math you see

I am so happy with all those flea markets in town during summertime! It makes strewing so much easier :-)
Boas and I went last week and our first loot consists of rollerskates, books, dinosaurs, alphabet calendar, quartet game for practising reading, and these funny scales, which can't just weigh fruit, but also dinosaurs, toys and other stuff!

Bed time

One of Boas and Fera's favourite games is 'making a bed'. Once in a while, I come across a bed somewhere. In the hallway, in the livingroom. This time: in the garage, with a brand new friend! Must be the temperature inside our house which inspired them to use the garage. Last week the thermometer in our living got stuck at 29,8 degrees, but I'm sure it was even hotter!



Boas' passion for sea animals brought us to this dolphinarium. It's a rather expensive trip, but Bram and Angela gave us some vouchers for reduction, so another wish came true :-). 

We enjoyed the various shows, played, stroked fishes, got wet feet (legs) and loved it!

maandag 12 juli 2010

Learning English

Since we have some English speaking friends, Boas and Fera are very interested in the English language. We picked up 'Engels met Raaf' again, a series of educational programmes on the Dutch 'Schooltv'. If you follow this link you can find the programme, including some free worksheets.

At the Bookdepository I bought some fun children's books that are suggested in the worksheets. My kids love them.
And we made another lapbook. (from

All this seems to work very encouraging, because often they ask for new words or try to say something in English.

And finally ...

... they flutter by!

Jesus loves me

Corn maze

Below an impression of the corn maze around our corner. Let me know if you feel like joining us some time :-)


On a hot hot summer day, we and about 6 other he families, sailed to a lovely island. Thank you for your hospitality C. and family!!!!!

It was so good to play together, to talk together, to eat together and to just be together!