zaterdag 3 april 2010


And suddenly there it appears... the fase of why????? And Boas is definitely in it now. It's very amusing, because he literally always responds with why?, which offers a lot of opportunities for homeschooling parents :-) .
And actually it's not only 'why' but also other open questions. For instances if he watches a nature documentary, he keeps on asking questions like 'what happens now'? 'What wrong with the...?' 'What does a ... eat?'

Mummy's help

Once upon a happy morning, while mummy was taking a shower and Fera was still in bed, dear Boas decided to offer a helping hand.

He unpacked the dishwasher and came proudly to the bathroom to tell me that!

Toilet trained

We are so proud of this little big girl!!


I discovered this website and it seemed we could use it for our more 'formal' learning. The 3-5's curriculum offers a variety of Bible stories and related numbers and letters. And a lot of craft.

So we started off with ... creation. And did ...

Every day we made a page in our Creation Booklet to show what God did on that day. And on the seventh day ...

Boas' birthday

10 March Boas turned four! Of course he looked forward to it for a long time already, and so did we. We started the party by creating special animal skin invitations for the guests.

Then there was his last time at playgroup. Of course there was a hat, a present, a special chair and a cake.

And this was Boas' treat for all the kids of the group, including himself.

And as you can see, he was surrounded by his two best friends: Big friend R. and little sister Fera, who also visits the playgroup now.

Then the big day itself. We started off with presents and singing happy birthday.

And this turned out to be his favourite present!


In the morning we went to the pet zoo with Geert Jan and Loïs and Lucie. And in the afternoon and evening we had guests at home. And of course a wonderful cake.

Our first born, little, sweet baby boy has turned four!! We enjoy him so much and are very blessed with a son like Boas. He is a joy for us. We love his questions and his talking, his singing and his interests, his shyness and his boldness (in this specific order), his tenderness, his sincerity and his little mischiefs, his attachment and his surprises and so much more.

He is a dear and beloved son! And know, Boas, our Father in heaven loves you even more for who you are than we do!!

We love you and wish you many, many, many happy returns!